Kion Colostrum | Grass-Fed Bovine | Gut Health and Immune Support | 30 Servings


Brand: Kion


  • Kion Colostrum is made from premium, grass-fed bovine milk
  • PROMOTES healthy gut function* and SUPPORTS the immune system*
  • Kion Colostrum enhances athletic recovery*
  • Kion Colostrum contains natural sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes such as: Cytokines, Lactoferrin, Immunoglobulins, and Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRPs)

Details: Rock-Solid Gut Health With One Ancient Food. In traditional Chinese medicine, this superfood was regarded as a potent health tonic. For the Maasai people of Kenya and Tanzania, it's used as a crucial part of a warrior's diet. While it may sound like a mystery, this substance probably isn’t new to you. In fact, it was likely the first food you ever had. This ancient food is Colostrum. Colostrum is a natural, milky fluid produced by mammals as the first source of nutrition for their young. Colostrum promotes total body health by enhancing immune function, intestinal health, and athletic recovery.* Whether you want to strengthen your immune system or get your gut health in check, Kion Colostrum can help build the foundation for a healthier you.

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.6 x 2.9 inches

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