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Train With Eddie Henry

Owner and Founder of XR Lifestyles, Secrets of Lean and Mean, Results Fitness, and Fairhope Fitness, Eddie Henry, lives, eats, and breathes health and fitness.

Even known to travel the globe in search of health and fitness innovation, Eddie's end result = always finding more efficient ways to produce maximum results in minimum time, in the most livable way!

‘Everybody is a puzzle typically missing just a piece or two that is preventing them from excelling or reaching their goals. I have been finding those pieces for hundreds of clients for over 15 years now, allowing them to experience results like never before.

Let me help you take your health and fitness to the next level!'

Train With Ami Henry

XR certified, Ace certified, Spin certified, and Barre certified, Ami does it all in the fitness industry. If she isn’t leading a class or training a client, you can typically find her running, biking, or even organic gardening.

But what makes Ami unique and inspiring is not her ability to continually get healthier and more fit as years pass. It is her ability to physically progress while raising two children and working a full time job.

Ami can relate to a crazy schedule and finds that fitness can help balance out life and make it more fun too. Let Ami help you create a livable balance that makes you healthier and more fit by the year.

virtual training with Eddie Henry

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