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Client Testimonials

“When I first met Eddie Henry, I had just delivered my third child. I had been someone that worked out, felt like I was fit, but was not changing or achieving the way I wanted to look. Eddie Henry changed by body. Since being with his program – Extreme Results, his concise knowledge and practical approach to making fitness your life has inspired myself, my husband and my children. We believe his ‘Be Ready, Stay Ready’ fitness model and look at activity at any given moment as achievable.”
-Allison Hixson

“I was introduced to Extreme Results at age 40, and was soon able to achieve a level of fitness that had eluded me for decades. Ten years later, at age 50, I am even more fit, and am competitive with people half my age. I am ALL IN on Extreme Results. Nothing else is even close.”
-David Ryan

“I work along side Eddie and get to see the respect his clients have for him personally and professionally. He always seems to be one step ahead when it comes to fitness. I continuously learn from him in all aspects of fitness and nutrition.”
-Sara Sears

“Eddie has taken my fitness to another level. He’s taught me what a big difference nutrition can make. I’ve seen huge changes in my body since I began working out with him.”
-Sandy Hodgeson

“I train with Eddie so that I can do whatever I want to do. It’s great to not have my activity limited by my body! Rappelling, paddleboarding, running, hiking, mountain biking, boot camps – whatever I choose to do. I can say yes!”
-Leigh Knosher

“Working with Eddie with Extreme Results has certainly enhanced my health and will being.”
-Martha Rester

"Just wanted to thank Eddie Henry for helping Brooke train this year. She finished 11th in the World Championships this year in Golf…. And you helped get her there! Thanks!!!"
-Leslie Gober

“Besides the obvious health benefits, Eddie’s focus on stress busters has probably saved my life for the past 13 years.”
-Donna Conner

“Eddie’s ability to help define his clients goals and set them on the path towards that goal along with his ability to find the best way to motivate each individual client is why he is the personal trainer for myself, my wife, my seventeen year old son, and my younger sons when they are old enough. Results are very quickly and efficiently achieved and his workouts are never boring and never the same. Eddie provides guidance beyond training with personalized recommendations on diet, flexibility, and wellbeing in general.”
-Bill Hixson

“I thought I had an effective workout routine for the last 20 years which was cardio and heavy weights. Then I became an of Extreme Results client. I observed several of Eddie’s clients go through his routines and get excellent results and I had to try it for myself. After a year, I am in better cardiovascular shape than in my mid twenties and am getting my six pack back and by spending a lot less time in the gym. Not only does he taylor each routine to fit his clients needs, he also has a vast knowledge of diet and supplements to give each client the best possible results. This guy practices what he preaches and I am grateful to have him train me.”
-Tony Tkac

"I started training with Eddie my senior year of college and not only did he help me learn a healthy lifestyle, but he made me feel more confident and comfortable to keep pushing through to my goals. Without the proper nutrition, cardio and weight strengthening guidance, I would have never achieved my goals of where I am today. Being in the gym is more of a daily routine versus a burden because of Eddie Henry. XR Lifestyles changed my life."
-Lawren Busby

"Just sending you a note this morning to say thank you. I just got back from rainier last night and I made the summit!
It was the single hardest thing I've ever done. Winds were 60 mph with stronger gusts just pushing on us the whole way up on he summit day. Peter Whittaker who's family and himself are climbing legends, were in the group ahead of us and he said it was the toughest conditions he has climbed in 8 years.
There's just no way I would have made it without following your nutrition and fitness guidance. So again, thank you for all of your support and expertise!"
-John Brown

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