Dr. Mercola Fermented Beets with Vinegar


Brand: Dr. Mercola


  • 5X MORE NITRATES THAN REGULAR BEET POWDER: Dr. Mercola's Fermented Beet formula has greater bioavailability and beneficial effects. Combined with powerful red spinach extract, the formula provides 5X more nitrates than beet powder. And 50X more nitrates than store bought beet juice*
  • INCREASED ENERGY THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Do you find yourself waking up feeling wiped out? Do you struggle with low energy throughout the day? Nitric Oxide (NO) helps with your overall energy levels without any nasty side effects. It's not just physical energy either, NO can also improve your mental clarity and focus*
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE LEVELS: If you're worried about your blood pressure levels, or suffer from side effects like fatigue, lightheadedness and chest pain - try Fermented Beets for a natural way to support already normal blood pressure*
  • BOOST YOUR WORKOUT PERFORMANCE: Get that extra edge in the gym or on your morning run without harmful stimulants. Nitric Oxide provides clean, steady energy and helps take your workouts to the next level
  • FEEL BETTER OR YOUR MONEY BACK: All Dr. Mercola products are manufactured in the USA in GMP approved facilities and backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with Fermented Beets with Red Spinach, simply return it to us for your money back - no questions asked

Publisher: Dr. Mercola


Dr Mercola Fermented Beets With Red Spinach is an excellent whole foods source of the plant nitrates you need to support optimal circulation and naturally boost your energy levels. This premium choice of Dr Mercola supplements contains organic fermented beets powder which has a far lower sugar content than regular beet powder.  As well as red spinach - the common name for the leaves of the amaranth plant - which offers more than 50 times the amount of nitrates as beet juice. These two whole foods combined work together in Dr Mercola Fermented Beets With Red Spinach to provide a standardized dose of 30+ mg nitrates/serving. The plant nitrates provided by this premium choice of whole food supplements are the building blocks for nitric oxide, a compound which plays a vital role in promoting healthy blood flow and protecting your cells' powerhouses, or mitochondria.

Dr Mercola Fermented Beets With Red Spinach assists in dilating your blood vessels so that a greater volume of blood can flow through your circulatory system. This, in turn, means an increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your brain and throughout your body, including your muscles and vital organs. By boosting your blood flow, this premium choice of nitric oxide supplements from Dr Mercola helps to support optimal physical and mental function. But Dr Mercola Fermented Beets With Red Spinach is more than just a powerful circulation booster; it is also a natural energy booster. After all, optimal energy production depends on healthy circulation. So if you're looking for a quality whole foods supplement that can assist in boosting your physical and mental performance - or just improve your general well-being - and live life to the fullest, order your supply of Dr Mercola Fermented Beets With Red Spinach today.

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