Heart Rate Zones

Heart Rate Calculation and Zones

Use the following formula to compute your Heart Rate Zones for The Extreme Results Program:

220 – Age = X
X – Resting Heart Rate = Y

Y * .65 = A
Y * .75 = B
Y * .85 = C

A + Resting Heart Rate = 65% Max Heart Rate
B + Resting Heart Rate = 75% Max Heart Rate
C + Resting Heart Rate = 85% Max Heart Rate
Aerobic Zone = 65% Max Heart Rate to 75% Max Heart Rate
Anaerobic Zone = 75% Max Heart Rate to 85% Max Heart Rate

On Workout Days maintain within your anaerobic zone.
On Cardio Days maintain within your aerobic zone.
On Hobby Days maintain below your Aerobic zone. in an active fashion

**Resting Heart Rate must be obtained first thing in the morning preferably prior to rolling over in bed.
Find a pulse and count how many beats occur within 15 seconds. Multiply that number by four.
This is your Resting Heart Rate.

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