NEUROHACKER COLLECTIVE Qualia Mind Nootropics | Top Brain Supplement Capsule for Memory, Focus, & Concentration with Ginkgo biloba, Alpha GPC, Bacopa monnieri, DHA & More (154 Ct)




  • SUPPORT LONG TERM COGNITIVE FUNCTION - Qualia Mind nootropics is designed to replenish vital ingredients required for high level cognition. Give your brain the nourishment it craves so you can perform at your peak.
  • SCIENCE-CENTERED NOOTROPIC FORMULATION - Qualia Mind is the result of thousands of hours of research and development by some of the top scientists, MDs, and Ph.Ds. Top professionals such as Jason Silva, Ben Greenfield, and Dr. Daniel Stickler all trust Qualia to help them perform at their best.
  • POWERFUL MOOD SUPPORT - The unique and high-potency ingredients in Qualia Mind promote clear-headed cognition and a positive mood all day long without the jittery bursts or crashes.
  • CAREFULLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS - A tremendous level of research went into not just the selection of ingredients, but the sources as well. Qualia Mind contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners, and is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
  • 100 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are confident you’ll love Qualia brain and memory supplements as much as we do. If you don’t, just let us know and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked. Try it today risk-free.Qualia Mind From The Neurohacker Collective.

Details: Qualia Mind is a premium nootropics supplement that is specifically designed to promote focus, support energy, mental clarity, mood, memory, and creativity. Discover a whole cognitive upgrade with Qualia Mind.

The Qualia Mind brain and memory supplement is a blend of nootropic compounds, neuro-vitamins, antioxidants, adaptogen extracts, amino acids and choline donors designed to optimize brain function. Qualia Mind's formulation contains potent, pure, and bioavailable forms of each ingredient. Experience our unique and comprehensive formula risk-free with our 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

· Beat Brain Fog - Push distractions aside, and focus on what matters now. Feel clear-headed.
· Lasting Energy - Experience smooth, clean energy that lasts all day, with no jittery bursts or sudden crashes.
· Effortless Focus - Promote clear-headed concentration so you can pay attention to what you need to do.
· Amplified Willpower - Fuel fitness and career goals with unbreakable all-day drive and clarity.

In addition to immediate neurochemical and physiological support, Qualia Mind goes a step further addressing long-term cognitive health benefits. Supports neuron and synapse development, mitochondrial ATP, healthier cell structures, and neural complexity. Over 40+ years international research on nootropic stack formulation was used in the formulation of Qualia. We use the most potent, pure, bioavailable form of each ingredient, considering proper ratios for systematic balance. Some of our 28 powerful ingredients are: Ginkgo biloba, Alpha GPC, Rhodiola, and Bacopa monnieri.

What to expect when taking Qualia Mind:

· Increased Focus
· Elevated Energy
· Heightened Willpower
· Decreased Procrastination
Unleash the power of your best mind with Qualia nootropics today!

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