PuraTHRIVE Liposomal Keto Balance Ketosis Supplement - Grass Fed Beef Collagen, Coconut MCTs, Algal DHA - 8oz Liquid Bottle - Increase Fat Loss, Improve Heart Health (Thick Collagen Formula)




  • Get into Ketosis Fast - We combined premium coconut-derived MCTs and Omega-3s with our unique Micelle Liposome Delivery to skyrocket the bioavailability of your fat sources. This means more fuel is on hand in the early stages of ketosis, and your body doesn't have to work hard to adapt (so you may even avoid the infamous Keto Flu).
  • Quell Chronic Inflammation - Many common keto foods are sky-high in omega 6 fats - lighting an inflammatory fire throughout the body (and sending those potential keto benefits out of reach). To help you combat this, we added our clean, Algal DHA - a potent source of omega 3s to help balance your fatty acid profile and keep inflammation at bay
  • Thick Collagen Formula - We've intentionally loaded it with Collagen to help you thrive on keto by reducing inflammation, supporting liver and gut health, and even helping with join pain. Collagen, DHA and MCTs work together in harmony to help you get into and stay in ketosis
  • Unparalleled Absorption - Our patented Micelle Liposomal Delivery Technology wraps the precious active compounds in KETO BALANCE in a series of protective bi-layers - allowing them to pass through the digestive system safely and be properly absorbed by your body. The result is up to 20x higher bioavailability!
  • Support Liver Function - The liver produces ketones and detoxifies the body from harmful toxins and heavy metals (that can lead to chronic inflammation). That's another reason why we included our Algal DHA and Grass Fed Beef Collagen. Numerous studies have shown that both compounds could play a role in supporting liver function

Publisher: PuraTHRIVE

Details: Both Ketosis and the Low-Carb Diet have been linked with a whole host of potential benefits, including enhanced weight loss[1] and improved heart health[2]. KETO BALANCE was specifically designed with ingredients to help optimize your low-carb or keto experience & allow you to enjoy lasting results. Let Your Energy & Wellbeing THRIVE. Quick results & long-term support - the best of both worlds. KETO BALANCE was formulated to help you achieve ketosis fast, avoid the KETO FLU, conquer the KETO WALL & enjoy ketosis sustainably. Become a Fat Burning Machine. Our unique formula includes the perfect blend of MCTs and long-chain Algal DHA to help balance omega-3 levels, combat inflammation[3] and support joint function[4]. Get in Shape on the INSIDE & OUT. We added our premium grass-fed collagen to further promote healthy joints[5] and to support liver function[6] (for more efficient ketone production). Breakthrough Delivery Technology. All the active compounds are safely wrapped up in our Micellar Liposomal Delivery Mechanism for up to 20x nutrient absorption[7].

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Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.1 x 2.1 inches

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