XR Challenges

XR Lifestyles Challenge

XR Lifestyles Challenge: The one arm pullup. With each arm. “Your fitness must be balanced and symmetrical.” – From full extension, pull chin to hand.

Completion date: 1/1/2013. Good Luck. Check in the tips sections for more information.

Camp XR Challenge

Camp XR Challenge:“The Fairhope Gauntlet” – A timed event to test every element of your fitness.

Start at corner of Section and Magnolia(by Regions Bank)

1. Start your time!

2. Run to the corner of N Bayview Ave.

3. From here, jump rope to sign in front of stairs on bluff just past Oak St.

4. Run to stairs and complete 10 flights top to top.

5. Perform 50 jumping lunges in the grass(knee to grass!).

6. Run 10 more flights of stairs.

7. Perform 50 Star Jumps in the grass.

8. Run 10 more flights of stairs.

9. Perform 50 jumping step-ups on bench under tree.

10. Run 10 more flights of stairs.

11. Perform 50 jump squats in the grass(hands to grass!).

12. Run 10 final flights of stairs.

13. Run to sign by the street and jump rope to Magnolia.

14. Run to your starting point and log your time!

Top 10 times will be posted on the website (homepage) and in Fairhope Fitness.


Isagenix Challenge:Take the 30-day IsaBodyChallenge here.

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